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If you’ve been served with a foreclosure notice, you only have 20 days to file an answer with the court before waiving your rights. If you act now by calling us, you will have options that can leave you in a better financial position. Jose G. Oliveira, P.A. will help you explore these options and recommend the right one for your situation, in some cases at no cost to you.

Jose limits his practice to foreclosure defense and stays on top of the latest case law to provide you with the best defense for your situation. Get Jose on your side and contact us today!

You have 20 days to defend a foreclosure from the moment you are served. Call us now to get started!

Case Evaluation

We evaluate your case and recommend the best options based on your circumstances, goals and needs.

Client Chooses Action

You pick from one or more of the following options to stop your foreclosure:

  • Litigation
  • Loan Modification
  • Short Sale
  • Deed in Lieu / Cash for Keys
  • Waiver of deficiency
  • Bankruptcy

Our Work Begins

We’ll start to work on your defense right away, including filing pleadings, motions, discovery, appearing in court, and anything else your case requires.

Settlement or Trial

We’ll either reach a settlement or, if one cannot be reached, represent you at trial.

Collect or Appeal

If we win the case, we will collect our hourly fees from the plaintiff. If we lose, you decide if you want to file an appeal.

What our clients are saying

Jose is a lawyer that cares. He really wants to make sure that things come together correctly and that your bankruptcy or real estate matter is properly handled, and that you get the outcome that you desire. He uses his years of experience to get you to the results you need. I highly recommend you consider Jose for your next matter.

— R. Shawn McBride

Jose Olivera is very professional and quick to respond. I called him on a Friday morning with a situation that needed immediate attention, he was busy at the moment I called, however he took my call and took care of it even though it was after hours. This really showed me he was reliable and now I know who to call when in need of legal representation

— Ana Hernandez

Mr. Oliveira honestly went above and beyond our expectations. He was very helpful, knowledgeable, resourceful, professional and took the time needed to answer all our questions. He is an outstanding attorney who will fight hard for your case. I will definitely recommend him to anyone. We could not be happier with his service and his results.

— Maria Gonzalez

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